Dhamma Ambika
Vipassana Dhyan Kendra, South Gujarat

Offering Vipassana courses
as taught by Shri S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin

According to the Pure Tradition of Vipassana, courses are run solely on the basis of freely offered donations. No fee is charged. The courses are financed totally by donations from students who have completed a prior course and have volition to share the benefits they have received by giving donations for the students who will come after them. Neither the Teacher nor the Assistant Teachers receive any remuneration; they and those who serve the courses volunteer their time solely motivated by gratitude for the benefits personally received from Vipassana.
(* Only accepted from old Students)
  • Dhamma Ambika is registered under 80G certification which provides income tax exemption facility to donors.
  • Cheques can be issued in favour of “VIPASSANA DHYAN KENDRA”.
  • Bank facility is available for direct payment under intimation to Shri Vasantbhai Lad:

        M-09428160714.”Bank of Baroda.
       Account No: 17350100011058, Lunsikui, Navsari”.

  • To obtain receipt of payment, postal address may be provided.
  • Donation is accepted in cash and kind from old Vipassana meditators only.
The Dhamma Ambika center is designed with a master plan for accommodating 108 residences, an A.C. Dhamma hall, Chaitya (Cells), Kitchen & Dining Hall, Walk way etc .

The expected approximate cost of facilities to be developed as below.

86 Residence for male/female students Rs. 3.5 lacs each
A.C. Dhamma hall 75 lacs.
Cells (Pagoda/ Chaitya) 75 lacs
Kitchen and dining hall 75 lacs
Male and Female Teacher’s residence Rs. 15 lacs each
Approach roads to individual building approximate Rs. 20 lacs
Sewage system about Rs. 15 lacs
Electrification, sound system in entire premises about Rs.15 lacs
Landscaping and greenery about Rs.10 lacs