Dhamma Ambika
Vipassana Dhyan Kendra, South Gujarat

Offering Vipassana courses
as taught by Shri S.N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin

Courses are being conducted at Dhamma Ambika since April 2012 with the facilities defined below.
  • 12 Male Residential Rooms.
  • 10 Female Residential Rooms. Total 22 Completed.
  • Initially each Quarter/Room will be utilized for two Meditators (meaning 24 males and 20 females)
  • Subsequently on construction of further quarters each room will be utilized for a single Meditator.
  • SWAGAT COMPLEX completed with following facilities.
    • DHAMMA HALL accommodation capacity is 60 students.
    • Male & Female teacher Accommodation.
    • Dining Facilities for 60 students.
    • Office, Registration Facility.
    • Two guest rooms for 3 persons each.
    • Toilet facility.
    • Allied facilities such as kitchen, approach road, land scaping, trees, and greenery being developed.
In the near future, construction of ten more individual residences, each for male and female to accommodate students and Dhamma-workers in each quarter.
The Dhamma Ambika center is designed with a master plan for accommodating 108 residences, an A.C. Dhamma hall, Chaitya (Cells), Kitchen & Dining Hall, Walk way etc .

Facilities to be developed as below.
  • 86 Residence for male/female students
  • A.C. Dhamma hall
  • Cells (Pagoda/ Chaitya)
  • Kitchen and dining hall
  • Male and Female Teacher’s residence
  • Approach roads to individual building
  • Sewage system
  • Electrification, sound system in entire premises
  • Landscaping and greenery
Dhamma Ambika

Master Plan
Dhamma Ambika Dhamma Hall

Dhamma Hall

Residence Plan

Kitchen Plan